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Distribution block BR1-206-06.1E
  • Distribution block BR1-206-06.1E

Distribution block BR1-206-06.1E

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Brand:ООО НПК Геоэлектроника сервис


BR modifications differ in the configuration of external connectors and the presence of a control unit digital input. BRs have a modular backplane - based structure that allows flexible configure the collection system depending on the specific requirements of the customer. The initial configuration of the BR is performed by the manufacturer in agreement with the customer. AT in the future, it is possible to change and expand the list of connected terminal devices (sensors) with the corresponding addition or replacement of unified input modules (MVU) and data acquisition modules (MSD). The range of currently produced IDPs and MSDs allows create channels for connecting terminal devices (sensors) with different interfaces and power conditions. Depending on the modules used in the BR, channels are provided to connect the following types of devices: - devices that support the Sennet network protocol with a physical layer based on the RS interface 485; - devices that support exchange over a single - wire line (1 - Wire channel) protocols, MicroLAN compliant from Dallas Semiconductor; - devices with analog output 4 - 20 mA; - devices with analog output 0 - 10 V. BRs are supplied only as part of the GTI data collection system.
Brand:ООО НПК Геоэлектроника сервис
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